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Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and charming places in the world to visit. Join us on a special journey to discover new places and learn about the culture, traditions, and history of our homeland off the beaten track. If you want an unforgettable experience of Vietnam, the best way is to take one of our personalised motorcycle tours. We will show you the real Vietnam.

 Established in 1991, my colleagues and I are the original Easy Riders of Vietnam. I have been a tour guide for more than twenty- four years and I have given hundreds of tours. We are an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team with many years of experience and are ready to help you see and experience the real Vietnam not seen by most other travellers. 

We offer independent tours of Vietnam for travellers who are not interested in following the well-worn tourist trail, but want to get off the beaten track to explore Vietnam with a local who really knows and understands the country. We have organised and led many independent tours for people coming to Vietnam, and we can offer tours of the country to suit exactly what you want to see and experience. 

 Our tours offer real insights into the lives of the Vietnamese people. Travellers will gain knowledge of the lifestyle, culture, landscape, cuisine, and the hidden charm of our country on our trips. Do not miss this great opportunity!

 I speak fluent English and French, which means I can be an interpreter as well as a guide in offering clear explanations of Vietnam’s culture and history. I promise that you will experience places that you would never see on a traditional tour bus or as a solo traveller. 

 Tours are organised for riders who can drive themselves and non-riders who can ride with an experienced local guide.

Tours are also organised by cars.

Our Tours

We are very happy to pick you up at another City , from anywhere in Vietnam to start the trip.


Tour a Vietnamese whisky factory ran by a local family; visit a silk worm farm where the silk worms spin the silk and watch as the silk is used to create...


Before hitting the roads, we will visit the Crazy house, a pinturesque hotel-museum in Dalat. Then we start our first day driving along the mountain paths...


Waking up in Lak lake is like getting back to the past. Take an early morning walk in the village to appreciate the local daily live, learning about...


We visit the hill tribes’ museum before hitting the road to Pleiku, driving along the scenic mountain roads and stopping over to visit pepper and Rubber tree


Wake up in the morning with fresh air in Bao Loc town, and its tea product is one of the most famous in Vietnam. Today, we will drive to Dambri fall with 60m


This morning we embark on a boat navigating around the intricate small canals, a great way to get a unique perspective of daily life here.


4x4 Jeep


Self Riding


Starting from the beautiful flower city Dalat! Admire the beautiful Central Highlands and the Ho Chi Minh trail in this breathtaking motorbike trip.


  • Ms. Christina Klett - From: Germany - ado.rudolph@t-online.de Hallo, wir waren 11 Tage mit Peter von Dalat ueber Pleiku, Kontum, Hoh-Chi-Minh-Trail, Phong Nah Hoehlen, Hue und Hai-An unterwegs. Wenn man von 2 langen fahrtagen absieht, hat sich jeder der 1600 km gelohnt. Es waren beeindruckende Tage mit einem Guide, der uns jeden Wunsch erfuellte, uns alles erklaerte, uns das vietnamesische Leben und die Menschen hier nahe gebracht hat. Peter ist ein wunderbarer Begleiter, der alle Schleichwege, billigen, aber guten lokalen Restaurants kennt. Ich kann nur jedem empfehlen, sich Vietnam auf diese Weise anzuschauen. Wir hatten die Tour als "Selbstfahrer" gebucht, was nach einer anfaenglichen Eingewoehnungsphase in die vietnamesischen Verkehrsregel (jaaa, es gibt welche) dann auch super geklappt hat. Ms.Christina Klets from Germany ado.rudolph@t-online.de

    • Christina Klelt
  • Name: zigi blau Email: zigiblau321@yahoo.com Subject: good tour in vietnam We are a backpacker couple from Australia who vemtured with Peter and My from Central Dalat to Nha Trang, across local bumpy roads and busy highways. At first we were hesitant about the offer of a three day tour. But it is both well worth the price and completely safe. Peter and My, our tour guides, are great guys. Very honest and genuine. Peter is incredibly sweet and wise, giving us a true Vietnamese perspective on the war he unfortunately lived through. My is equally sweet and so attentive to our needs. He has a great sense of humour too and constantly kept us laughing. At first we were worried about our safety on the back of a few bikes travelling through dangrous South East Asia, but those fears were quickly dispelled after Peter and My dodged the traffic so effortlessly it felt like there wasn't any to begin with.Our time with them was so pleasant and they showed us so many amazing things that we feel happy to say that this tour has been the highlight of our 2 month long South East Asia adventure. Check out our Trip Advisor review, we really do tell all! Don't be hesitant, you wont regret it. If you would like to book a tour with Peter contact him at Peterbinh953254@hotmail.com From Sydney, Australia.

    • Ziti blau
  • Salut les futures amis de Peter ! Car si vous aver la chance Qu'il vous ait acceeillie a la sortie du bus n'hesitez pas! Peter est tres attentione et tres Bon pilot. J'ai vraiment passé trois formidable jours bonne bluffed,des stop dans pleins d'endroif geniaux,Des bond hotel.sivous l'avez devant vous embrasse le de ma part.Ah oui le prix est correct,no sousi,et avec Peter on a fait,de chose que d'autre qui n'ont pas eu vottre chance.Bon voyage vein Adds!! William from france

    • William
  • When we ( my self and my boy friend) arrived in Dalat,we were greeted by a friendly gentlemen ,off the bus.he introduced he was Peter.and he was an Easy rider,he offered us a lift to a hotel and we accepted.The hotel was very nice and not expensive.Peter told us $10 for the room.Listen to him about the price.he knows what he's talking about.once we seltled in to our room,we chatted and decided to do a day trip.I had not been on the motorbike in years and it rellindled my love of them.The feeling of fun and freedom is great!! We enjoyed our day trip do much we agreed to do a longer trip to Nhatrang. On our journey we saw amazing sights ate lots of different Vietnamese food ( we always surrendered) and met lots of smiling people.We have been traveling about 14 months and this trip was one of the best things we did.We always felt safe on the bikes.Peter is a very honest good man and if you want to experience the REAL Vietnam we recommend this trip. Enjoy Rob from Ireland

    • Rob
  • We met Peterat the bus station in Dalat after arriving from Saigon.how lucky we were!! With no real plans except the name of a hotel,Peter convinced us he was the man to look after us.he and his side kick.Chilli drove us to the hotel we wanted up on finding there were no vacancies,he whisked us off to a hotel he knew on a quiet street an affordable 10 used/ night.we got the "pitch" over tea for the next 20 minutes or so,then agreed to the one day Dalat tour the next day,with a view to a six day trip to Hoian after that.well,our Dalat tour was amazing!! We can't imagine a better way to see the sights: ceramic pagoda,crazy house,water fall and meditation pagoda.There is no way we would have seen and done so much on our own.absolutely fascinating!! In the end we opted for a 3 day tour, up to Daklak,Ban me thuoc and on to Nhatrang.it has been an AWESOME trip,every kilometers of the way.Peter promised to show us the real Vietnam,and he certainly has.We have seen and learned so much that would have been impossible via lonely planet alone! From silk production to mushroom growing,seeing how tea,coffee,pepper and curry grow,watching artisans craft furniture from wood and granite,elephant riding and python wearing, this trip has truly been EXTRAORDINARY. Many travellers in this book have written about Peter love of food.they speak the truth,Each meal has been veritable smorgasbord,good,pientiful,and cheap food is definitely another benefit of traveling with peter. This is a good man: honest,fair,and gentlemanly. He is also an excellent drive...It was more relaxed than I would have expected,so was just able to sit back, let my thoughts soar,and enjoy the scenery. We highly recommend Peter 's services if we ever come back to Vietnam,we will definitely seek him out again. Christchurch from New Zealand

    • Christchurch from New Zealand