[Correct] Stonehenge aligns with which astronomical events?

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…1. Harvest moons 2. Spring and fall equinoxes 3. Summer and winter solstices 4. Solar and lunar eclipses

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Summer and winter solstices – Although the ultimate purpose of Stonehenge, which was built in 2400 BCE, is uncertain, many experts theorize that at least part of its purpose was astronomical. This is because the stones mark both the summer solstice and winter solstice. The winter solstice is when Earth’s axis tilts at its furthest point from the Sun, creating the shortest day of the year — and vice versa for the summer solstice. The Neolithic farmers of Stonehenge may have marked this yearly cycle, framing the annual solar events by aligning the summer solstice with the Heel Stone, so that the morning rays shone on the center of Stonehenge. During the winter solstice, the Sun originally set at the fore of the Sarsen Horseshoe between the tallest trilithon’s two uprights, dropping into the Altar Stone. However, half of the trilithon collapsed at some point, so this effect is void today.:

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