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7 ideal summer tourist destinations for couples in Vietnam

Da Nang – Hoi An

Da Nang – Hoi An is honeymoon destinations that the couples usually visit recently. You will have an interesting adventure with stunning spots and many interesting activities. Due to its potential, some big sport betting and casino groups plan to build entertainment complexes here to attract more visitors.


The couple should not miss the beautiful beaches such as My Khe, Son Tra, Cua Dai, Cu Lao Cham… In addition, you can visit Ba Na Hill where has fresh air and many sightseeing spots and interesting activities. When the night comes, you can go walking together in the ancient town of Hoi An and enjoy the shimmering lanterns and eat Hoi An foods.


Sa Pa

Sapa is well-known as a destination for love due to the dreamy and romantic beauty and the ideal weather. Even in the hot season, Sapa is still very cool and fresh. Just with a small motorcycle which you can easily rent there, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful natural scenic together.


When the night comes, nothing sweeter than sitting side by side around the kitchen fire and enjoy the delicious barbeque and baked corns and potatoes. You can also visit Sapa love market which is very famous place there. If you love a modern combined traditional environment, you can go to Cau May area where you can find bars or pubs with the unique decorations to enjoy a glass of champagne.


Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is officially recognized as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. It is one of the best destinations that domestic and foreign tourists choose, including couples. This is like a great beautiful picture with blue ocean and many islands.


To fully enjoy the romantic atmosphere together in Ha Long Bay, the way couples often opt to travel is by boat. You can buy tours of travel companies, which are accompanied by attentive service, dedicated, with many interesting activities. You and your partner will be together daydreaming in blue water, visiting the cool cave, enjoy fresh seafood. At night, you can up the roof of the two yachts, between sea and sun stargazing immense. It is very romantic, right?


Da Lat

Even though, there are no beautiful beaches but Da Lat is still one of the favorite places of many couples, especially in summer. It is somewhat a sweet, romantic and dreamy place where looks like a peaceful for couples to forget every trouble and sadness and just enjoy the happiness together.


Da Lat is called the City of Love. There are many spots here that the couple should visit like the Valley of Love, Mong Mo Hill, Langbiang Moutains… Da Lat is the world of flower, sweetness with cool and fresh air which will make your honey become sublimating.


Nha Trang

Blue sea, white sand, sunshine - that's enough to make Nha Trang became a summer tourist destination that every couples should go when you want to have a romantic vacation. With gorgeous beaches, romantic islands, Nha Trang has a special attraction for couples.


There are a lot of activities here such as swimming, coral diving, visiting island or you can take a tour to Vinpearl land where has a lot of games and interesting activities. There are a range of hotels which you can choose to rent depending on your budget. Nha Trang food is also cheap and delicious. When the night comes, you can go to the coffee or bar here to enjoy the local nightlife.


Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc recently has become one of the most attractive destination that the couples often choose to visit for honeymoon or travelling together. It is well-known as the islands of miracles with diverse ecosystems: forest, sea, river, stream and the wildlife animal system. Phu Quoc has a lot of things to discover.


You and your partner will surely have unforgettable memories when visiting this charming and beautiful island. You can enjoy the unspoiled scenery with blue sea, white sand and yellow sunshine. You can also go for coral diving or visit the Vinpearl amusement park to enjoy the modern and luxury services. If your budget allows, you can buy pearl jewelry gifs- one of the most exquisite and beautiful products at Phu Quoc.


Mui Ne

Mui Ne is is not just only famous for domestic tourists, but also the favorite destinations of foreign tourists. It is also a great background for many photographers and celebrity magazines. It offers an extremely unique beauty with a romantic sunset or the fishing villages.


In addition to the beautiful seaside, the stretching sand dune is definitely the place where the couples cannot ignore when visiting Mui Ne. You can go for sand sliding which is so much fun and take great and romantic pictures here. Mui Ne local foods are also very delicious and cheap. There are many restaurant options for you to choose depending on your budget or if you want to enjoy different atmospheres.


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7 ideal summer tourist destinations for couples in Vietnam

7 ideal summer tourist destinations for couples in Vietnam: Da Nang – Hoi An, Sapa, Dalat, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Halong bay and Phu Quoc





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